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Our AI analyzes 20 million social media profiles and gives them an engineering score bases on a variety of signals


Aspirantic makes it easier for engineering recruiters to find talent.
9/10 people are interested in hearing about new opportunities.


The best developers are not promoting themselves on business networks

They are actively contributing code to open source projects on Github, ask and answer technical questions on StackOverflow, or meet with other geeks on Meetups.

Aspirantic will help you identify these talents and will put you in touch with your perfect match!

Aspirantic - A Profile Database with Software Engineers

A Profile Database with Software Engineers

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Search social media profiles that are currently not searchable!
We identify candidates based on their online activity.

  • github
  • bitbucket
  • meetup
  • meetup

We leverage data from social media profiles and online activities. With a big data index of billions of web pages, we discover and evaluate developer skills based on their contribution activity. This enables Aspirantic to deliver more skilled talent than any other business site or search engine.

  • Verify

    We verify developer expertise.

  • Verify

    We analyze over 200 million lines of source code.

  • Verify

    We uncover profiles that aren't available on Linkedin right now.

  • Verify

    We aggregate candidates social media links.

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