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What can Aspirantic do for you?

Aspirantic analyzes developer activities from all over the web to combine information about technical talents - our proprietary algorithms leverage data from sources such as Github, Bitbucket, Meetup and Stackoverflow, to name a few.

These engineers get ranked by their skills using machine learning and big data analytics. What you receive is a profile including all contributions, skills, contact details and social media activities at a glance.

More information about our Skill-Score(TM).

20x faster Talent Acquisition!

We do the search and assess the qualification, you just need to pick the best match. This is rocket science for your recruiting process.

Aspirantic Active Sourcing

Detailed Profiles and Social Media Connections.

Location, contact details, programming languages, projects, social profiles, everything you need to identify a good match to your job advertisement. Currently we store over 20 million passive candidates in our profile aggregation database.

  • Search for skills or full-stack Social Media Profiles of 20 million candidates.
  • Search for skills or full-stack All Skills, job history and contact details at a glance.
  • Automatic Developer Qualification The quality of a candidate is automatically classified in an overvall-score.
  • Search for skills or full-stack No matter whether you search for specific skills - or full-stack.